His Sweetness Even When It Looks Sour

On the morning of October 31, 2012, I was on my way to Bluegrass Community and Technical College where I was studying social work; and I had a bad car wreck. Our loving Heavenly Father, Who is perfectly ready for anything life might throw at us, sent an ambulance to drive behind me with a non-urgent patient so they could stop and help me when I wrecked. Now, how many people have an ambulance behind them when they wreck? But I did – that day. If the ambulance had not have been there, I would not be here today; because they tell me that I died at the scene and that the ambulance crew had to resuscitate me.

That very night, one of my coworkers from Chick-fil-A started a Facebook group called Pray for Naomi – a group which quickly had over 2,500 members and which my mom turned into a sort of journal. I spent months “asleep” in the hospital and had surgery to drain the fluid off my brain, to put stints in my heart, to sew up my torn diaphragm, to remove my ruptured spleen, to patch up my crushed pelvis, and to repair my broken right ring finger. The heart doctor and the pelvic doctor both gave me 50/50. 

When I went home on February 28th, 2013, I was still “asleep.” My doctor said I would be a vegetable for life. I “woke up” the first week of March 2013; but I was still confined to a wheelchair for a couple months. then a walker, then a cane.

Major Physical Trauma was the first lesson in the School of Joy God has had me in lately.  Before the accident I was a little bitter about some things; but somehow during that wonderful accident, He took that bitterness away (along with an addiction I could not overcome, as well as my tendency to hyperventilate or at least be terribly nervous when public speaking). Apparently I was “supposed” to be kind of sad after the brain injury; because all the doctors/nurses asked me when I went to see them, “Are you depressed?” and “Have you had thoughts of suicide?” And my answer was, “No-o? Why would I? I’m actually the happiest I've ever been!” And I was – I don’t really know why, but for some random reason I just couldn't stop smiling for weeks!

At one point I did get a little sad when I didn't think I would ever walk again, but I soon found comfort in the fact I would walk someday on streets of gold! When I said that to one girl; she said, “I’ll race you then!” Last summer, my joy in the hope of Heaven and my confidence that all our problems are only temporary was my testimony when I shared at summer camp. 

Another lesson in the “School of Joy” came soon after. I’ll call it Extended Physical Inability, In November 2013, I got discouraged about my walking again and thought I would always need something to hold onto. I had to remind myself that my it was only temporary, like all problems are. I would walk unassisted in Heaven. Of course, God was merciful like He usually is, and He hasn’t made me wait that long. By Christmas I was walking indoors without any kind of assistance – and towards the end of this summer, I started just carrying my cane in the easier outdoor areas instead of actually using it. Since August 2, 2014, I haven't even carried it!

Sometimes I feel like the recovery is very slow going. But apparently God is moving me along rather quickly; for shortly after my 1-year anniversary, I overheard my therapists talking and one said, “Can you believe it’s only been a year since her accident?!” Some might say that I've had a hard time lately; and maybe it has been a little hard. 

But I have a good God Who loves me very much and Who is continually sending me little reminders of that love; and I have a perfect home in Heaven where I will be able to do everything I can’t do now and enjoy perfect relationships and the finest cuisine this side of – well, just the finest, period! And I have the promise of Romans 8:28 that God is working every circumstance in my life for my good – and if it will turn out for good for me someday, then that means it’s essentially good for me now! Maybe I don’t understand exactly how that’s true, but someday I will. 

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