Thursday, October 2, 2008

Soccer - Not for the Faint of Heart!

Well, my exercise commitment didn’t work out quite as well as I thought it would last week. Mom had several extra “pastor’s wife” duties that called her away, such as visiting and helping people out and picking up stuff for Dad or church; so I had the very fun privilege of teaching my brother Jedidiah and practicing my kitchen and laundry skills. Then our entire family drove to another town for revival services every night, as that church’s pastor and his wife are family friends and asked Dad to conduct the revival effort at the last minute. It went wonderfully, and everyone made new friends and learned a lot.

For instance, who do you think had the godliest marriage in the Bible? I couldn’t have told you until last Friday night, but here’s the answer: Abraham and Sarah! What other husband-wife team is named in the Faith Hall of Fame? What other man is referred to as the “Friend of God” over and over again throughout Scripture and was told Jesus’ confidential plans concerning the future of a city? What other earthly father did God have so much trust will raise his children and instruct his servants properly?

How many other couples got to cook Jesus a meal in the Old Testament? When Peter wanted to teach women how to respect their husbands, who did he use as an illustration? What other woman in Scripture is proclaimed beautiful inside and out? Forget you know anything about them and read their story in Genesis 12 - 25. You might be surprised by all you find! They had their problems (as do all other couples), but they still had the most successful marriage in the Bible.

Well, anyway, with all that “activity” I was about as inactive as possible, if that can be imagined! Oh, well. This week has been a little better. Yesterday Caleb and Jedidiah and I had a delightful game of soccer before getting showered and freshened up for church.

This afternoon Jedidiah and I tried again. The score was 6-2, with Jedidiah in the lead, of course. :) He had the ball and I was running hard to try to stop him. The ball was lying there by itself. Hope surged through me. Maybe I could get it? I was there, I kicked, . . . I tripped over the ball, I fell onto the concrete ditch by the church. Ouch! Caleb had been watching from the parsonage doorway and sprinted down to see how I was. Thankfully not too bad, just some stinging, scraped-up hands and a grass-stained skirt.

Game over for a few hours. But that night we went outside for a third round. I had dress shoes on because Mom and I were preparing for a ladies' meeting at church, so I stayed on one end and protected the goalie while Caleb and Jedidiah fought over the ball. All of a sudden Caleb got a "brilliant" idea. Instead of trying to kick the ball around Jedidiah, he would kick it over Jedidiah! And of course, when Jedidiah saw where it was going, he would move out of the way, right? Wrong. And the ball did not go over Jedidiah. You can imagine the pretty swell over his eye. Although, thankfully, it didn't blacken! :)

So a word of advice: As you deepen your level and variety of activity in an attempt to be more healthy, it might be helpful to wear work clothes; practice proper falling - on your hands, not your face or back or arm; beware of how aggressively you play next to concrete, and always remove your head before the game starts (that way it won't get hit)!

Soccer - not for the faint of heart!

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