Monday, June 1, 2009


Today marks the launch of the ministry I've had on my heart for the past few months - a magazine to train young ladies in godliness and homemaking skills - Helpmeets in Training. Friends sent articles; my parents proofread and gave suggestions; and then the printing began. Over 500 sheets of paper, sorting, stapling, addressing. Last Friday I gave out the first seven samples and got my first three subscriptions. Today I'll send out the first batch of mailed copies through the mail. And tomorrow I'll need to purchase more ink to finish off the rest.

This issue includes an article by my best friend, Miss Robinson, about writing love letters to God; a story by Bro. Jerry Ross (; a Bible study idea based on Bill Gothard's Ten Unchangeables; a story about Amy Carmichael; an article by a family friend, Mrs. Combs of, about homeschooling; thoughts on meekness; a few recipes; information on how to crochet with grocery bags; and a memory challenge: Psalm 27.

Would you like to help? I'm always interested in good articles, stories, poems, recipes, handcraft ideas, et cetera. Send something if you can!

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