Saturday, October 2, 2010

Little Blessings

God recently blessed me with a job at a daycare here in Richmond, so five days a week I spend at least four hours giving lunch breaks to teachers in various rooms. The kids are so fun! (Usually ;-D). Here are some examples of the new joys I've been experiencing:
  • a set of triplets whose belongings are marked A, B, and C
  • an adorable four-year-old boy with thick, curly red hair who gives great hugs
  • a toddler who has learned to climb into my arms
  • an older toddler professionally patting a younger one to sleep (pats back, strokes hair, lifts blanket to see if eyes are closed, pats again, et cetera)
  • kids saying "I like you"
  • sloppy baby kisses
  • sharing "secrets" about knights and dragons and princesses
  • watching toddlers dance and try to somersault
  • receiving colored pictures of rainbows and other interesting creations
  • a billion smiles a day

Kids are great! Just saying.

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