Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Become an Elisabeth

The Elliots are two of my favorite people. Definitely modern heroes. They were missionaries to Ecuador many, many years ago - long before I was born. While they were there, some of the natives killed Jim and four other missionary men.
Of course, Elisabeth is now Elisabeth Gren. Here she is with her husband Lars.

Elisabeth has written so many good books! Just the ones I've read include These Strange Ashes, The Shaping of a Christian Family, Let Me Be a Woman, Secure in the Everlasting Arms, Quest for Love, and my favorite - Shadow of the Almighty - some of the letters and journals of her first husband.
I've been thinking lately. . . . Jim Elliot was such a strong Christian. He was so passionate about God, His Word, the Church, reaching the lost, and making a difference in the world. He was such a dedicated missionary. He was strong in the Lord even before that, as a student, in his relationships with family and friends and Elisabeth, in his exercise and Bible study.
I want to marry a man like Jim Elliot, and I know other girls who have the same desire. The other day as I was thinking about this, a thought struck me. If you want to marry a Jim Elliot, you have to become an Elisabeth. Interesting . . .

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