Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baking Day

Lately God has blessed our family so much and our lives have been so full, and it seems like Thanksgiving has just slipped up on us. Usually we would already have a lot of preparations done, but this year - well, we ended up doing most of it all in one day!

Last night Caleb got home for Thanksgiving break and had a surprise visit from one of his new college friends. Jedidiah wanted a picture of them in front of Raul's truck.

Today Caleb decided to work on some history assignments.
Jedidiah also had some schoolwork to do before heading outside to pick up some cans.

Meanwhile, I was catching up the laundry.

And Mom was cooking! :)

Peanut butter crackers

Nobakes (Caleb's favorite)

What would Thanksgiving be without pumkin pie?

Or a turkey?

Mmmm . . . chocolate!

Buckeyes (Jedidiah's favorite)

Also dipped in chocolate, of course :)

The result - just the sugar portion of our feast
(minus the kuchen which is my favorite and has yet to be made)

This is my new favorite family picture. Caleb wanted to be carried out to his car on Sunday afternoon when he needed to drive back to the Cumberlands.

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  1. Those sweets look so yummy!!! I love the carrying to the car family pic! Too funny. :)