Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Day of Thanks

This year is the first that Caleb and Jedidiah and I haven't dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians for our family's Thanksgiving celebration, mostly due to the fact that we outgrew our old outfits. But we still had a great time! God has provided all of our needs and most of our wants (which He didn't need to do!), so we had plenty to rejoice and give thanks about.

Do we have enough Thanksgiving books?
Cathy Corle says it's impossible to have too many good books.
Mammaw, having seen our house, says it is. . . .

Jedidiah sending a golf ball down the stairs

And Caleb sending it back up

And down again

Making a blessing list


We still had pictures of Pilgrims and Indians, at any rate. :)

Jedidiah decided that the picture-taking had been too one-sided.

Mom tried to wear something a little Indianish.

I took a funnier picture of us together,
but Mom said there was no way it was ending up on the blog.

Dad and I took on Caleb and Jedidiah in a game of team Guess Who?

And then it was time for Dad to cut the turkey.

And oh, how good it all looks!

Did you know that at one time during the Pilgrim's first winter in America
the ration was as low as five kernels of corn?
Every year we drop five kernels of corn into a big basket of them
as we tell five blessings from the previous year.
Dad talked to us about how important it is
not only to thank God for the big blessings we notice
but also to recognize that the whole basket -
all the good things in life - come from God.


Caleb gets to finish the job. :)

Isn't that a great picture of Jedidiah?

Dad stroking his mustache

The wishbone

We also played some other games like Boggle and learned lots of new words like fie (an expression of distaste which comes from a word expressing disgust at a terrible smell). It was a lot of fun. I think we spent more time in the dictionary than we did actually playing the game. But everyone was concentrating so much that no one took any pictures.

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