Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Is Coming . . .

Last weekend we finally made it up to Ohio again.

The drive took a little while, but we had some good talks
and played some fun games like Bible twenty questions
(the basket they used to lower Paul out the window,
the chair Solomon sat on when he got married, et cetera)
and counting cars of certain colors.

The land was sooo flat!

Naturally, Jedidiah couldn't help spotting the American flag.
I also pointed out the huge Confederate one on someone's roof.
"They should know better," Jedidiah says. "They're in Ohio."
"At least they're on the right side," I said.

Grandpa had installed a new fireplace. It was so warm! :)

Here's my Grandpa.

If my family keeps a holiday, we keep it well.
So we celebrate Thanksgiving for a while and then
put our Christmas tree up a couple weeks into December.
Except for this year, when we put it up the Monday before Christmas. :)

The reason for the season -
the little Baby Whose birthday we're getting ready to celebrate.

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