Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween, God's Holiday

One year, I was a pumpkin for Halloween. Another year, I was superwoman. But I only know that from pictures; I have only one real Halloween memory - being privately a little scared of the "witches" who came to our door for candy.

You see, when I was very young God graciously directed my parents' attention to the satanic origins of Halloween; and we stopped celebrating it.  For years I only thought of it as the devil's holiday.

However, stop and think with me a moment. When Satan claims as his something that belongs to God, is God really just going to pretend not to notice? And who do all the days of the year belong to?

Every day belongs to God, of course; and it recently came to my attention that when Satan tried to steal October 31st, he did little more than play into God's hand. Because naturally, when Satan picks a fight with God, he can hardly win! Or even come close!

"According to ATS [the American Tract Society], there are more conversions to Christ through the use of tracts during Halloween than there are during any other holiday. ATS is contacted by hundreds of people each year who say that their faith began with a Halloween tract. The ministry also says that each of these contacts also represents another 100 people who put their faith in Christ but just didn't make it known to the organization." Here's the article.

I am still grateful that my parents shielded me from the dark side of Halloween. And I would encourage Christian parents to shield their children. But if Satan has his people out tonight, and if there is any way we can reach out to them (without getting pulled in), it seems like a perfect time for it!

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