Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October . . .

Happy October, everyone! :) It's a special month for me. Not only is it part of my favorite movie, October Baby.

It's also part of a book I really like, October Song, of whom I recently got to meet the author.

What's more, it's the month of my accident. 

Why does that make it special? Well, let me explain. A lot of people don't like storms, even in nature. And while I'm not saying I like unnatural storms - I definitely don't - I do absolutely love the natural kind! They really show how big God is, and they seem SO happy to me! Good smells, sounds, everything! I know there can be disastrous storms, but I've not been around for very many at all.

For the Christian, no storm is disastrous, but every storm is just one more thing God is busy working for our good! So one day, we will thank Him for it, as hard as that may be to imagine right now. Some are calling my accident a "storm." It was certainly difficult for my family, and there are things about my life now that I could wish were different. But I already know a little (not all!) of why He allowed it.

1. This summer one of the times I gave my testimony at camp, I found out later that a girl trusted Christ that night.
2. He showed my family the body of Christ in action like they had never quite seen it before.
3. He showered me with expressions of His love so that I could never, ever doubt it. 
a. the ambulance right behind me when I wrecked
b. a whole plethora of cards, letters, and visitors - bringing flowers, CDs, and my favorite ice cream
c. thousands praying for me from at least 4 continents, including people I didn't know
d. et cetera, et cetera!

I get to see life through different eyes, and I know more about how to interact with disabled people (#1 - they're still people!). Strange as it may sound, I'm very thankful for my accident and feel like I have a rare privilege. I should add that it is one that I hope nobody who reads this gets to share with me! :) Anyway . . . that's why October is such a special month for me. :)

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