Thursday, January 23, 2014

Starbucks Manna

A few days ago I spent a fun evening with my brother Caleb and some of his friends: dinner at an Asian restaurant, a movie, and then Starbucks. 

Now, after a terrific dinner including my first try of frog legs - which were delicious, by the way - followed by some good laughs, it was pretty late and I was kind of hungry. But I kept that to myself because the Starbucks menu was kind of too far away for me to easily see to find a little something cheap to eat; and I knew that if I were to ask anyone about the cost of food, they would take that as a request for food and buy me something. But I was still hungry . . . 

Just then an employee walked up to our table, her arms loaded down, and asked, "Would you all like some pumpkin bread?"

My guess is, she had to dispose of it before some kind of expiration; and yet it tasted perfectly fresh - and delicious - to me! :) It was Starbucks Manna.

I was hungry, and our Father sweetly provided pumpkin bread!

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