Monday, September 14, 2009

A Sweet Poem

I found this yesterday in a book I am reading by Margaret Sangster. The book is entitled Fairest Girlhood and was first published in 1906.

There's but the meager crust, Love,
There's but the measured cup;
On scanty fare we breakfast,
On scanty fare we sup.
Yet be not thou discouraged,
Nor falter on the way,
Since Wealth is for a life, Love,
And Want is for a day.

Our robes are hodden gray, Love,
Ah! would that thine were white,
And shot with gleams of silver,
And rich with golden light.
Yet care not thou for raiment,
But climb, as pilgrims may,
Since Ease is for a life, Love,
And Toil is for a day.

Our shelter oft is rude, Love;
We feel the chilling dew,
And shiver in the darkness
Which silent stars shine through.
Yet shall we seek our palace,
And there in gladness stay,
Since Home is for a life, Love,
And Travel for a day.

The heart may sometimes ache, Love,
The eyes grow dim with tears;
Slow glide the hours of sorrow,
Slow beats the pulse of fears.
Yet patience with the evil,
For, though the good delay,
Still Joy is for a life, Love,
And Pain is for a day.

~ Author Unknown

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