Saturday, July 13, 2013

My (Recent) Testimony

Thanks to any of you who have prayed for my family and I since my car accident last Halloween! Many people have asked me whether I've had any depression, which would be typical for someone who's just recently had a brain injury. And while I have gotten upset for a few minutes a couple of times (like everyone else), really I'm full of joy, and much happier than I was before my accident!
Before my accident, I met weekly with an older woman to get her counsel in dealing with the bitterness I was struggling with. As much as I've tried to, I can't remember what I was bitter about, but needless to say, I'm certainly not bitter about anything now!
Before my accident, I had also just started attending Celebrate Recovery to get help with a lustful addiction I had struggled with for more than a decade. God took that away through my accident, too; and since I woke up from my coma a few months ago, I haven't even wanted to go back!
I feel grateful for how God has used my accident to cleanse me of sin, show His power, bring His people together in prayer, show those people His ability and eagerness to answer prayer, surround my family with His care, and every other way He has used it! I never really expected God to find that much use for me; but I wanted Him to, and I'm glad He did.
As to what He's taught me through all of this, I would say it's joy. God is a good God, and everything He does is good. That includes what happened to me. I used to think that car accidents were always bad things, but now I know that at least mine was a good thing.

God's been showing me that since He controls everything and He only does good things, I can have joy in all days of the year, all circumstances of the day, and all people of the world. There is nothing for me to be anything other than happy about!

Great Is Thy Faithfulness!

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